June 21, 2011

Style Board: A Brunch Wedding

I'm happy to report that my car is back in working order. It just took a little bit of an adventure, from AAA and tow trucks and dealerships. I'm so happy that it ended up being a lot less than I expected. I figured it was going to run me a chunk a change. Thankfully it was only a fraction!

Here's the style board for this week: BRUNCH! I simply love me some brunch. I'm getting hungry just looking at this week's board. Who doesn't love waffles, pancakes, and coffee? Truth be told, I'd probably have a brunch wedding...or a brunch bridal shower, because basically, breakfast foods and brunch is the BOMB!

That crepe cake? I die! In a good way, of course.

First Row: Omelet Bar by Jill Thomas via 100 Layer Cake; Waffles by Amanda Doublin via Ruffled
Second Row: Photo by Ashleigh Taylor via Erin Ever After; Coffee via Stumptown Coffee
Third Row: Photo by Amelia Johnson via Style Me Pretty; Flowers via Once Wed
Fourth Row: Pancake Bar via Ruffled/Found Vintage Rentals ; Photo by Sara Jayne Photography

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  1. What a great board! John and I have our hearts set on planning a brunch wedding-it's our favorite meal!


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