June 15, 2011

School Themed Wedding Inspiration: Centerpieces & Decor

In high school, the one thing I wish I had done was Yearbook. Now that I look back (10 years ago this year!) I really should have registered for it. At my school it was for class credit, you couldn't just sign up. Instead, like the teenage fool that I was, I signed up for a different class because there was a boy who I had a crush on who was taking it too. I figured we'd get to know each other better and... Yeah, I was a dumb teenager for that move. Oh well.

However, I think the following photos showcase just how wonderfully a school themed wedding can be executed. From the class subjects as table names to the pencils as escort cards to the yearbook style guestbook and the brown bag "lunch" favors, these are weddings I wouldn't mind being invited to!

Photos by Meg Smith via Snippet & Ink

Photos by Hanssie Trainor

What is something you wished you had done in high school?

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  1. Those chamomile bouquets are just too sweet-I love 'em!


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