June 14, 2011

School Themed Wedding Ideas: Attire

I love a short wedding dress. Especially for summer weddings and outdoor weddings. They just make sense. And with a school themed wedding, wouldn't a short dress just look fabulous? I imagine that short dresses would be better suited for this casual feeling wedding. Plus, if it's 100+ degrees out, a short dress provides a nice breeze on the legs!

And maybe it's Mr. Schuster on Glee that makes me think of a vest on a teacher. Or maybe it's a teacher thing? I don't know. But I do think that a vest on the groom would be amazing for a school themed wedding. Just check out some of the looks below!

Photo via Dolly Couture

Photo via Ivy & Aster

Photo by Clary Photo

And let's not forget the groom style. I love a good grey suit for the groom. It's more casual than a tuxedo, yet still very classy.

Happy Tuesday!

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