May 20, 2011

Library Wedding Ideas: Engagement Photos

If I knew half of what I know now about how to make an engagement session personal and fun, I think I would have chosen to have part of our engagement session in a library. It's my book loving heart, I suppose. How fun would it be to take engagement photos in a library? I think half the fun would be trying to be quiet. I can imagine a whole lot of giggling.

{Photos by & Unlimited}

{Photos by The Popes}

{Photos by Jasmine Star}

{Photo by Abbey Hepner}

{Photo by Brian Khang}

{Photo by Melissa Deschamp}

{Photo by Elton Anderson}

I'm sure I could go on and on with dreamy library engagement sessions. It must be the book nerd in me. If I were to do it all again, or have an anniversary portrait session, I think one of the stops would definitely be a library. If you can't have your wedding in a library, then maybe a library engagement session will fill your bibliophile heart!

Happy Friday!

What's your favorite book or recommended read? I'm always looking for new books for my book list!

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