May 18, 2011

Library Wedding Ideas: Centerpieces & Guestbooks

The idea of a library wedding has me thinking of all kinds of amazing centerpieces. Books afford so many different kinds of options for centerpieces, which can be a great alternative to flowers or a great complement to flowers. Old books can serves as the perfect centerpieces to accessorize your library wedding.

When I saw this photo on Jessica Claire's blog, I just fell in love with the idea. While I would hate to mutilate (for lack of a better word!) a book, I think this is just lovely for table numbers. I'd have to find some books that I didn't care for. At all.
Photo by Jessica Claire

This next project found on Green Wedding Shoes is adorable. I love the use of the card catalog for the guest sign-in area and as an alternative to a traditional guestbook. The card catalog can also be stocked with candies for your guests to pick up and nosh on while entering cocktail hour. I love the creative use of a card catalog!

These are simple yet beautiful centerpieces using books and a globe. And in this case, you can just pick up old books from Goodwill or another thrift store and voila, a table is set!

Photos by Josh Goleman

I think this next centerpiece is so ingenious! I never would have thought to tuck in pages to create a whole new look for a centerpiece. It's gorgeous!

I love the use of an old typewriter for a guestbook. And the card catalog for escort cards? So smart! Perfect for a library wedding. And if you really knew your library science, maybe you could categorize using the Dewey Decimal system...

How would you use books for a library wedding?

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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  1. GAH-they're all so adorable, I don't know how you'd pick just one! Although there's something absolutely magical about a card catalog stuffed with sweets...!


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