May 11, 2011

Barn Wedding: Details, Details, Details

I absolutely love the options that a barn wedding affords in terms of details and decoration. In most cases, a barn setting starts as a blank canvas, ready for design. 

I absolutely love the details featured in this wedding by Cameron Ingalls.

I love, love, love the lighting from this wedding by Michelle Walker. The poppies ad a fresh pop of color.

The draping for the barn door? I'm totally a city, but this has me thinking that I would have LOVED this! Wedding by Christian P Photography.

The mirrors on the barn wall?! Amazing. Also by Cameron Ingalls.

And I just love what they did with draping and lighting and the chandeliers. This wedding....

This is just amazing. All wrapped up in amazing by Mary McHenry.

The chandeliers and long tables? I'm in love. That loud noise? Both me falling out of my chair and my heart beating wildly. Wedding by Mark Brooke.

And one last image by Brea McDonald. I am SWOONING over the blue chiavari chairs!! Serious.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. How gorgeous-I just can't resist a delicious barn wedding!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Where is this?

  3. i've thought of a barn wedding before (even though im way too young to think of weddings in general) and i love how it makes the atmosphere so much more comfortable! great pics.


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