July 25, 2011

Style Board: Ranch Wedding Ideas

Hey y'all happy Monday!

Well, I'm excited to report that my interview went great! I think it was the first time I've ever gone on an interview that I was excited about and actually felt really confident going into! I heard back from the hiring manager asking for references, so I'm thinking that's a good sign. So keep the good vibes and prayers coming, and thanks so much for the encouragement! I really appreciate it!

This week, I put together a ranch wedding style board. There's just something about rustic weddings that make my heart skip a beat. Maybe it's because I live in Texas now... Anyway, onto the board!

First Row: Photo by Jose Villa; Photo via Pinterest
Second Row: Photo via Green Wedding Shoes; Photo via Green Wedding Shoes
Third Row: Photo via Style Unveiled; Photo via Green Wedding Shoes
Fourth Row: Photo via Pinterest/Ruffled; Photo by Jose Villa

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  1. That's great news-I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a phone call soon!


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