July 27, 2011

Ranch Wedding Ideas: Photos to Love

Well good news! I know that my references were checked for that job and they asked me in for a second interview! I'm thinking that it won't be too much of an "interview" at least I hope not. I asked the hiring manager what it would entail and he said I'd be meeting more people, getting a tour of the office, and an "aptitude" test...I think showing that I can work a computer, which I totally can! So keep your fingers crossed. Thank you!

And I almost forgot. I head out to San Francisco tomorrow morning to visit family and friends for the weekend. Sadly, the mister cannot come with me, but it will be great to see my family who I haven't seen since Thanksgiving!

So as I was looking over gorgeous photos, I thought why not share the photos that I would want captured if I had a ranch wedding. I love these ones:

Photo by The Nichols via SMP

Photo by Q Weddings via SMP

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. HORRAY for the second interview, and for your visit to SF! Be sure to pack your sweaters!


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