July 29, 2011

Ranch Wedding Inspiration: Cakes

It's so weird that I haven't blogged in two days! I'm so used to being in a routine. However, I'm on a mini vacation of sorts in California, so it's been hard to be good with blogging. But no worries, I'm catching up know to round out the week of ranch wedding ideas and inspiration. I seriously love ranch weddings.

Also it's been great to be in California to keep my mind from obsessing over that job interview! I have a second on Tuesday. And while I won't let it bum me out just yet, I just found out that I have at least one contender for the position, which means I just need to knock it out of the park on Tuesday. EEEEK!

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Cake & Photo by Sweet and Saucy Shop

These cakes look delish and perfect for any ranch wedding!

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