August 29, 2011

Style Board: Seaside Wedding Ideas

I cannot wait until cooler weather. Seriously. It's really quite unsightly to walk outdoors and break an immediate sweat. Alas, the perils of living in Texas. Which got me to thinking about the water, and seaside weddings. I've never been to a beach wedding, but I'd love to!

Enjoy this week's seaside wedding ideas.

First row: via Etsy; Photo by Jose Villa 
Second row: Martha Stewart Weddings; via Tumblr
Third row: via My Blue Canoe; via A Modest Life
Fourth row: Martha Stewart Weddings; Photo by Jose Villa

Anyone have anything exciting going on this week?

Happy Monday!

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  1. How sweet and seaside-y! I can practically taste the sea breeze and salt water taffy!


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