August 3, 2011

DIY Week: Favors

Oy. The anticipation is killing me. I'm hoping, wishing, praying, and maybe chanting next for some patience. I was told that the decision would be made today. I was hoping that they'd call or email me at the beginning of the day. But nothing so far. I'm DYING HERE. I'm usually pretty patient...but since I know I'll hear back SOMETHING TODAY...I'm trying to preoccupy myself with other things.

It's working. SORT OF. 

Maybe I need to plug myself into Netflix for the day until the phone rings or email pings. AAAAH.

Alas, I just have to wait some more. But I'm super to stoked to share this DIY project I found on Style Me Pretty. I think favors are totally something you can DIY. We DIY'ed our favors and they turned out lovely. (I'll have to go dig for a photo!) I think favors add a beautiful, personal touch, especially if it's something that reflects you as a couple. This is just one idea for a favor. There are SO many others out there!

Tada! Gorgeous!

Photos by Twig & Thistle

Happy Wednesday!

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