August 5, 2011

DIY Week: Shoe Makeover

Thank you guys for the kind words. I know something else, something better is in store. I'm just so happy the weekend is finally here! This week has felt forever long!

And to top off the week, I found this super cute DIY project to give your shoes a makeover. Personally, I'm not a huge shoe person. Actually, I think my husband loves shoes more than I do. (I love accessories and purses more!) So I thought that this would make a great (and inexpensive) DIY project to jazz up a pair of shoes for your wedding. Because really, white shoes for a wedding can be super boring. And who wears WHITE shoes again? I had brown patent pumps by Born, which were comfortable, but I changed into my Rainbow sandals once the ceremony was over. My feet are forever grateful.

Photo & Project by Green Wedding Shoes

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Thanks for stopping by! I totally appreciate your comments and feedback! :)

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