November 21, 2011

Down for the Count & Happy Thanksgiving

Hey y'all! Man, whatever this season's flu bug/cold virus is, it's a doozy. I've been down for the count for the last week and a half and besides being sick, it's just SO ANNOYING. I hope you stay healthy, especially this week being the week of Thanksgiving. It crept up so quickly!

We travel out of town tomorrow to visit my husband's family for Christmas at his grandma's house. Sadly, my little hiatus will have to continue since his grandma doesn't have Internet. Four days without Internet will be interesting, for sure, especially since I know how much I rely on it!

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may be and however you are celebrating!

Photo via Organize Your Stuff Now


  1. I'm sure it will be a wonderful weekend, and that you'll be so glad to get back home!

  2. love the white pumpkins. good luck with the no internets! yikes.


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